About Us

Mikyxor Travel & Tours is a DTI  registered travel agency catering to the reservation of hotels, resorts,  and adventure in and around Puerto Galera. This website is on its  inception stage but does not mean we do not have the necessary  experience to operate,  on the contrary www.PuertoGaleraOnline.com is run by people who knows the islands best!

We are a group of locals from Puerto Galera who  wants to promote  One of the Most Beautiful bays in the world. Our aim  is to put Puerto Galera on the forefront of tourism map. We envision  that every tourist  who wants to experience  a relaxing moment will  consider Puerto Galera as their ultimate destination vacation.

We aim to give our guests worry free vacation,  from reservation of the right hotel, with the amenities that will soothe  their needs, to assisting them in contacting the right people for the  adventure they want  to experience. We strive hard to satisfy  our guests,  after  all  we are  mediating a stress -free holiday for all. Puerto Galera is  the destination not only for those who can spend without limit but also  for those budget-conscious travelers.  Send us an email,  talk to us  and we will find the right place & tour package for you.

Our services are transparent,  we do not  overcharge, accommodation rates published on this website are from the  respective hotels and resorts. Our staff relies on the commissions given  by the hotels for every confirmed reservation.  Accommodation rates  published on this website may tend to change without prior notice so  please confirm with us the current rates of the respective hotels.

Again we thank you for choosing us to be your  local travel agents. We are committed to your satisfaction, after all  happy guests are those who keep returning for more.!

Enjoy your vacation here in Puerto Galera,  one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World.