Booking & Reservation Procedure


1.Below each  Hotel/resort information  attached is the online inquiry form. Completely fill up the form of your chosen accommodation. Make sure you correctly type your email address.

2. You will immediately receive a reply informing you about the availability of the room, and the total amount you need to pay for  your booking.

3. If the room is available on the chosen date/s, you will need to confirm your booking by paying the RESERVATION FEE. The email will also instruct you about the Reservation and Cancellation Policy of that particular hotel. The RESERVATION FEE serves as a DEPOSIT which will be deducted from the total to be paid at the Hotel/ Resort. Payment of the RESERVATION FEE must be made according to the HOTEL’s Reservation Policy, please refer to your email about this instruction.


1.  We accept payment of the RESERVATION FEE  through bank transfer,  Globe GCASH and credit card via Paypal. Other modes of payment can be discussed in favor the guest convenience.

2. We will provide our Bank Details through email if you chose Bank Direct deposit as payment method. Please scan the deposit slip  and email it to reservation@puertogaleraonline.com. Along with the scanned deposit slip please provide the following information: your name, name of the resort and the your booking number.

3.  To Pay with your Credit Card Via Paypal, Please Click paypal button below. Please take note that we will assess a 5% surcharge if you pay thru paypal. The surcharge will cover paypal’s handling fee.

4.  To Pay thru Globe Gcash, Go to the nearest globe center or Gcash Partner or Kapitbahay outlet and send payment to 0917-900-6835. Please take note that we will  assess a 1% surcharge if you pay thru Globe Gcash. The surcharge covers Globe Gcash handling fee. Please send an email to reservation@puertogaleraonline.com stating your Gcash reference number, your name, name of the resort and your booking number.

5. Upon receipt of proof of payment we will send you  the hotel’s confirmation voucher, receipt/s from the hotel for your deposit payment, your adventure voucher/(if applicable ticket/s (if applicable) trip itinerary (if required).

6.  Please do not forget to  send an SMS to Ms. Lilian or Ms. Mel stating your name,  time of your arrival and the name of the Ferry you took so we can fetch you at the docking area. Cell numbers are  0917-900-6835 or 0917-505-0024


Although some tours require a minimum number of people, it always goes that the more participants the cheaper will be  the adventure package per person.

1. At the end of each adventure description you will find an online inquiry form. Please fill it up if you want to inquire and reserve that particular adventure.

2. You will receive immediately an email confirming the availability of that adventure, and a quotation for that adventure package.

3. You will need to confirm your adventure tour by paying a 20% reservation fee. This reservation fee will serve as a deposit and will be deducted from the total amount you need to pay. The balance must be settled before the adventure tour  starts.

4. Reservation Fee Payment Procedure

5 Upon receipt of proof of payment you will receive a confirmation voucher of that adventure tour.

6. Do not forget to send an email or an SMS stating the resort where you are staying, so our tour guide/s will know where to fetch you. Number is 0917-900-6835, 0917-505-0024



We will reply to your email immediately and you will receive a quotation for the package you requested. Please refer to the email for the reservation fee, as it will depend on the hotel you are booking.

Reservation payment is required and please refer to this for the payment procedure